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”It’s Christmas! Keep it Real!”

In 1995 Earl has began to experiment with growing several varieties of Fir Christmas trees by grafting these varieties onto rootstock of a Japanese fir that will grow in mid-Georgia. He has had good success and you can see these trees growing at the farm. We have sold a few of the first trial grafts and will have a few more to sell in this season. He is now grafting several selections of superior "Christmas tree" Virginia pine onto native pine rootstock and these should be available for choose-and-cut in a few years.

Since 1970, Earl and Esther Worthington and their children have grown and sold premium Christmas trees on their 20-acre farm. The farm was the first in the Atlanta area to offer Christmas trees on a "choose & cut" farm. Choosing and cutting their own special tree from Worthington Tree Farm is a family tradition for families all over the Atlanta metro area and beyond. The year round hard work of planting and maintaining the trees is well compensated by the joy and excitement of seeing families as they choose their special tree that will become the centerpiece of their holiday decorations. The Virginia pine was the first variety of trees planted and are still a choice among several varieties of trees growing on the farm. The Worthington’s later broadened the choices by adding White Pine, varieties of Leyland Cypress and Pre-cut Fraser Fir from North Carolina are also available for sale.


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  • A choose and cut Fraser sold in 2019

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