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We are so glad that you are considering getting a REAL Christmas tree from a Georgia Christmas tree farm. Now, let us give you an idea of a typical visit to a Christmas tree farm. When you arrive at the farm, you will usually find plenty of parking. Come on; bring your neighbors! Make your way to the entrance area where signs or people are available to direct you to the Christmas tree field or to other activities.

Each farm in Georgia is unique. Some are in the country; some are nestled amongst subdivisions in the city.
Some offer many varieties of trees; others offer fewer. Some allow you to cut the tree, whereas other farms may do all the cutting. Some have stores that well may have other products. Some have concessions. Some have farm animals or petting zoos. Many offer hayrides. Most sell Christmas tree stands and other tree-related items. The farms are as unique as the families that own them. Use our Farm Finder page to help you find a farm that matches your desires.

As you make your way to the field, enjoy your experience. Listen for the sounds as excited families are choosing and processing their Christmas tree. Smell the smells of the fresh trees. Look around at the many trees and, perhaps, a forest friend or two.

In the field, make your search for YOUR “perfect” Christmas tree. You’ll know it when you see it.
After it’s cut, make your way back to the tree processing area. Most farms have people and equipment to shake debris from the trees and to put a net on them for easier handling. Also, most farms have twine available to tie you tree onto your vehicle.

But, don’t be in a hurry to leave. See what else the farm has to offer. Talk to a new friend that you haven’t met yet. Watch the kids run and play in the trees. Listen to them as they create their own big adventure. Remember, it’s about the memories.

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