Southern Christmas Trees


The following article appeared in the May 2000 issue of the Georgia Christmas Tree Association Tree Talk magazine.

(note the tree that is now called the Murray Cypress was called the Murray - X)

This is a very fast growing, dark green evergreen tree. It does very well on a wide variety of sites. It can tolerate wet sights better than Leyland Cypress.(1)

The tree has great potential as a Christmas tree for it will reach maturity a year earlier than the Leyland Cypress on most sites. It has stronger branches and is darker green than Leyland Cypress.

No diseases have been observed on this variety of tree in the last 10 years that it has been evaluated. Some insect might attack the tree as evergreen bag worm, but none have been observed on them yet.

Murray - X has been planted from Texas to Florida to Delaware and is doing well at this time.

Liners planted seem to do well on most sites but gallon size plants are recommended on sandy sites.

The tree should make a major contribution to the Christmas tree industry in Georgia. It is possible that diseases might increase on other cypress varieties and not on this variety.

As a landscape tree it should do well because of its toughness, color, site tolerance and fast rate of growth.

(1) Leighton green